Volume 20. 2008

New and Rare for Lithuania Insect Species.
Naujos ir retos Lietuvos vabzdžių rūšys.

vol 20 p.05-09 Buda V. Jakimavicius A. - In memoriam Dr. Virgilijus Monsevicius
vol 20 p.10-13 Svitra G. Gliwa B. - New records of Nehalennia speciosa in Lithuania
vol 20 p.14-19 Budrys E. Bacianskas V. Budriene A. Dapkus D. Svitra G. Usaitis T. - Distribution of four species of Oedipodinae grasshoppers in Lihuania
vol 20 p.20-24 Buczynski P. Visinskiene G. Przewozny M. - Three new Hydraena species in Lithuania
vol 20 p.25-28 Sruoga V. - New records of rare Coleoptera species from Vilnius and Trakai administrative districts
vol 20 p.29-38 Tamutis V. Ferenca R. Ivinskis P. Rimsaite J. Merzijevskis A. - New data on Lithuanian beetle fauna
vol 20 p.39-41 Kazlauskas R. - New and rare for Lithuania insect species recorded from Merkine environs in 2008
vol 20 p.42-44 Paukste P. - New data on rare butterfly species collected in 1999-2008 in Southern Lithuania
vol 20 p.45-48 Paulaviciute B. - New data on twenty rare species of moths fround in Lithuania
vol 20 p.49-55 Usaitis T. - Rare species of Lepidoptera recorded in Kaunas Svencionys and Vilnius districts in 2007-2008
vol 20 p.56-57 Petrasiunas A. - Two winter gnat species new for the Lithuanian fauna
vol 20 p.58-63 Dapkus D. Tamutis V. - Protected species of insects in conservation areas of central Lithuania recorded in 2007
vol 20 p.64-68 Gliwa B. Seskauskaite D. - Rare species of Lepidoptera and Odonata recorded from the environments of Lake Pravirsulis in 2007-2008
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