Volume 22. 2010

New and Rare for Lithuania Insect Species.
Naujos ir retos Lietuvos vabzdžių rūšys.

Proceedings of the XXVIIIth Nordic-Baltic Congress of Entomology (2-6 August 2010 Birštonas, Lithuania)

/ XXVIII Šiaurės-Baltijos šalių entomologijos kongreso straipsnių rinkinys. 2010 rugpjūčio 2-6, Birštonas

Vol 22 p. 005-010 Bernotiene R. - On the Culicoides obsoletus group biting midges in Lithuania
Vol 22 p. 011-016 Bernotiene R. - On the biology of Simulium ornatum group (Diptera Simuliidae)
Vol 22 p. 017-022 Ferenca R. Ivinskis P. Rimsaite J. - The ant-like flowerbeetles (Coleoptera Anthicidae) of the Curonian Spit Lithuania
Vol 22 p. 023-026 Grendiene N. - Investigation of Collembola in arenosols of east Lithuania
Vol 22 p. 027-030 Jonsson S. - Leafhoppers of the Linnaean landscape Uppland
Vol 22 p. 030-032 Lindelow A. - New bark beetle (Coleoptera Curculionidae Scolytinae) species found in Lithuania
Vol 22 p. 033-036 Lipatova I. Paulauskas A. - Investigation of fleas (Insecta Siphonaptera) in Lithuania
Vol 22 p. 037-042 Matuseviciute A. - Abundance and species distribution peculiarities of oribatid mites (Acari Oribatida) in regenerating forest soils
Vol 22 p. 043-051 Paulauskas A. et all - Data on some Ixodid tick species in the Baltic countries
Vol 22 p. 052-059 Paulaviciute B. Paulauskas A. Sruoga V. - Analysis of cytochrome oxydase I sequences of Elachistinae species
Vol 22 p. 060-072 Visinskiene G. - The share of caddisflies in benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages of different Lithuanian rivers
Vol 22 p. 074-080 Blazyte-Cereskiene L. Karalius V. - New records of Boros schneideri in Lithuania
Vol 22 p. 081-090 Bacianskas V. - One new and eighty-eight rare Lepidoptera species for Lithuania recorded in 2010
Vol 22 p. 091-100 Dapkus D. - Check-list of butterflies and moths of the Notigale bog
Vol 22 p. 101-108 De Prins J. - Notes on the Acer-feeding Caloptilia species (Lepidoptera Gracillariidae) in Lithuania
Vol 22 p. 109-129 Svitra G. Dapkus D. - New data on the distribution of Lycaena dispar in Lithuania
Vol 22 p. 130-132 Dvorak L. Petrasiunas A. - Hybomitra arpadi (Diptera Tabanidae) has not been confirmed in Lithuania
Vol 22 p. 133-136 Lutovinovas E. - Historical records of Tachinidae (Diptera) from Lithuania
Vol 22 p. 137-140 Budrys E. - Ten Crabroninae wasp species new to the Lithuanian fauna (Hymenoptera Crabronidae)
Vol 22 p. 141-156 Orlovskyte S. Budriene A. Budrys E. - Check-list of cuckoo-wasps (Hymenoptera Chrysididae) of Lithuania
Vol 22 p. 157-161 Jakimavicius A. - In Memoriam Jonas Surkus
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