Volume 24. 2012

New and Rare for Lithuania Insect Species.
Naujos ir retos Lietuvos vabzdžių rūšys.

p05-06 Baužys D.New species of true bugs (Heteroptera) for the Lithuanian fauna registered in 2010–2012
p07-17 Tamutis V. New and rare (insufficiently known) beetle species found in the litter of coniferous and mixed forests in Lithuania
p18-23 Dapkus D., Švitra G. Distribution of Boloria aquilonaris (Stichel, 1908) (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae) in Lithuania
p24-29 Ivinskis P., Rimšaitė J. Lepidoptera species new for Lithuanian fauna
p30-32 Bernotienė R., Višinskienė G. First records of Thaumaleidae (Diptera) in Lithuania
p33-38 Lutovinovas E. New data on the robber-flies (Diptera: Asilidae) in Lithuania
p39-42 Lutovinovas E. New additions to the hoverfly fauna of Lithuania (Diptera: Syrphidae)
p43-48 Petrašiūnas A., Bernotienė R. Robber flies of the genera Laphria and Asilus in Lithuania (Diptera: Asilidae) – The insect of the year 2012: campain review and results
p49-51 Budrys E., Budrienė A. New records of three rare Orthoptera species from Lithuania
p52-54 In Memoriam Professor Simonas Pileckis (19 10 1927–12 07 2012)
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